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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pull Out An Eye-Self-Titled

This is Pull Out An Eye From Belarus...Ask me where the fuck that is and I will not be able to point it out, or even point in it's general vicinity...I think it's near Germany actually...Anyways, POAE plays fast hardcore. Fucking fast at that. It's thrashcore or fastcore (who can tell the difference anyways?). It will literally pull out a fucking eye or blow one out. I like, you should to.

Pull Out An Eye-Self-Titled:

1. Come On!
2. Point Of View is a Crime
3. Uniform Slave
4. Paper Soldier
5. Olympic Village
6. Office Tyrant
7. Not Wanted Anywhere
8. 2M 2F MF
9. Nuclear Ambitions
10. Makes Me Laugh
11. Never Forget, Never Forgive


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