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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Extreme Noise Terror-Being And Nothing

Here is Extreme Noise Terror from England. They are a very influential band in both the Crust Punk and Extreme Metal scenes. ENT and Napalm Death both took the politics of Crass and made brutal, fast and insane music that helped create the grindcore genre. This is a recent offering (early 2000s' I think)...This is one of my favorite grindcore records and a must for anyone into Crust, grind, fuck, even you death metal guys will love it...

Extreme Noise Terror-Being And Nothing:

1. Being and Nothing
2. Through Mayhem
3. When Gods Burn
4. Man Made Hell
5. Damage Limitation
6. No Longer As Slaves
7. One Truth One Hate
8. Awakening
9. Non Believer Genocide
10. Detestation


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