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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Disaster Strikes-Liberty Toast

Great fucking band. Highly-political hardcore from Boston. Fun for the whole family!

“Disaster Strikes = Municiple Waste + Dead Kennedys + I Object. Liberty Toast is pissed-off, politically-charged and, overall, ***** awesome! I suppose one good effect of the George W. Bush presidency is that a lot of great music is being created (much like during the Reagan era) as a reaction to his stupidity. If you like your punk punched full of politics without sounding preachy, this is a band for you.” - SLUG Zine

Disaster Strikes-Liberty Toast:

1. The High Cost Of Happy Faces
2. Battles Lost
3. Paralyzed
4. Mission Accomplished
5. Ballad Of A Sinner Boy
6. Face In The Crowd
7. Nothing To Say
8. General Strike
9. No Chance
10. It Can't Happen Here
11. Scapegoat


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