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Friday, April 25, 2008

Malice Of Forethought-Demo

Ah...Malice Of Forethought, easily the best hardcore punk band in the entire Inland Empire. Highly political and musically technical, it sometimes borders on Crossover and Manny Of Forethought has an impressive vocal range similar (but not sounding at all like) to Jello Biafra. This is a very high quality recording for a demo that showcases the immense talent this band has.

I came to know of this band back in 2005 or 2006. I was at B&B's Cycles in Victorville and Manny was there and he solicited this demo to me...Honestly, when someone gives me a demo, it is usually nu-metal or some crappy Christian band, so I had my presumptions. I put it in the radio and discovered that this is some blazingly fast hardcore. A great live band they are as well...Ever see an obese man with a mohawk in a diaper? Well, that's what you get with MOFT...I fucking love this band! You should to!

From their Myspace:

ATTENTION BONEHEADED PARENTS, CHRISTIAN JIHADISTS, and FASCIST/SMOKING COPS: GO AHEAD AND email this page to Homeland Security so they can more properly monitor the wasteful and worthless activities of malice of forethought and all of our cohorts. BUT guess what!! WE AGREE WITH YOU NOW!!! Okay first of all, if you dare to disagree with President Bush, you are an enemy of the state. let us explain... george W. bush loves america and all humans he is a christian who follows all of God's commandments.. therefore it is obvious that YOU are an enemy of the state. and by "state" we mean "George bush, Pat Robertson and Co." do you find this funny? actually it is if you find it funny that San bernardino cops are investigating peaceful political and music show organizers. ah. ha. ha. ha. of course we also know that if you inform kids--especially a girl or females--about condoms or about how to keep from getting pregnant if they decide to have sex... GOOD LORD!! let's not even go there! Let us demonstrate how a wire hanger is valid God-approved form of birth control.. See? this way parents do not have to waste time teaching kids what priests should be teaching them. after all, what better way to learn about sex than from your local clergy in the the fellowship annex behind the folding tables and chairs?? NOthing beats it. well there you have it. that is why we are card-carrying die-hard members (and ultra supportive members, at that) of the Party of Bush/Cheney/Kerry/Daschle/Clinton. someday we will all look back on this and laugh. but not today. Now, on to less-important biz: NOT enough of you have requested a FREE CD!! what's up with that? help rid the world of evil by requesting your FREE malice of Forethought cd today! contact us today and we will mail it out tomorrow! Free! over 45 minutes of pro-unity, pro-freedom no-talent musical crap! We will play for free at all of your events, parties, conventions, rallies, church meetings...as long as the event is all-ages and is free to the public we will play for free. and if any of you bands want to do some shows with us and bypass all this "pay-to-play" crap--call us and we'll help set it up!! Malice of Forethought is totally anti-racist and pro-unity. to see what we are really all about come to our shows and then you will learn the truth: we totally suck! help us fight the good fight of zero-talent ear-punishment! and then Come to our shows and tell us how much we suck! Question: why are Cops so concerned that we give away our away our cds and political info to teenagers?? Hey, guess what? Call us for MORE free stuff! what'll they think of next, prison for gays and socialists??? To book us for shows call (760) 220-9590 or (909) 557-7982. yeah, we will play for free at all-ages, free shows! AND NOW!!! The Malice of Forethought experience invites you all to pray for Don Rumsfeld, that he will continue to do God's will: according to Rumsfeld, God's will must be to kill even more US soldiers and kill even more Iraqi civilians. HOW'S THAT FOR AMERICAN-STYLE PATRIOTISM! Yes, it is our constitutional right to be stupid and ignorant. GOD Bless American stupidity! Oh yeah, one more thing... MOFT encourages Respect for self and others, as well as Peace for all humanity. MOFT aggressively promotes Freedom, Equality, and Justice. MOFT is openly fomenting rebellion against hatred, ignorance, and violence. Oh, and they totally stink musically! So, if you really enjoy good music, you might NOT want to listen to their music. And, if you are a narrow-minded bigot, or if you have not yet learned to appreciate hardcore, intelligent (or even just plain stupid) satire, their message might just make you mad. Have a nice day...

Malice Of Forethought-Demo:

1. Cry For Help
2. No Thanx
3. Dream On
4. Hate Crime
5. Yoko Oh No
6. Rock Star/ American Brutality
7. Malicious Intent
8. Corruption
9. God Bless the Taliban


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Vultch said...

They easily have to be some of the coolest guys and they are really dedicated to the scene. Always loved playing with these fuckers