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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Great Redneck Hope

This is some pretty fucked up screamo/grindcore/emoviolence from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I can dig it. It is highly chaotic, includes many tempo changes with irrelevant lyrics to go with it. I will call them the "emo" Anal Cunt...The main difference is that The Great Redneck Hope can actually play their music, and quite well I might add. They remind me a bit of Orchid, Burn Hollywood Burn, The Daughters, etc. Their music really does refuses classification (my attempts are misleading)...It actually tears musical classification into microscopic pieces, lights it on fire, implants it still burning into a street walker's ass and shits the steamy wreckage all over your chest. I really fucking like this shit...Check it out...

The Great Redneck Hope-Splosion!

1. hey goth girl, isn't it a little hot to be wearing pants?
2. a rhetorical question: what do christian kids talk about? (ex: "god is awesome" "totally")
3. i don't lift weights to impress the bitches. i lift weights to knock a sucka's teeth out.
4. three easy steps to digging up and reanimating your ass, only to rock it into the ground once again.
5. you're fired, you're fired, you're fired. goddamnit, i'm spike lee.
6. girl, are you down with bacteria? and if so, would you like to see the inside of our van?
7. oh my god. omigod. oohhh my god. i thought nailguns had a safety.
8. they say the people elect the government they deserve, but i don't remember knife-raping any retarded nuns.


The Great Redneck Hope-Behold The Fuck Thunder:

1. Whoa, Frankenstein! I Didn't Program You to Make Out With Boys!
2. Let's Fall in Love Over AIM So We Can Fuck When We Meet at Cornerstone.
3. It Sure Does Get Lonely Out Here in the Boondocks. Thank God for Cock.
4. Call Me Old-Fashioned, But I Think Trains Are Kick-ass.
5. Girl, Are You Pregnant? It's Not My Fault! You Seduced Me!
6. Did You Ever Notice That "Stat" Is "Tats" Backward? Dude, That's So Tribal.
7. Cheeseburger Karma 2004: A Jam Odyssey.
8. Pssst! Hey, the Lord Is Awesome. Pass It On.
9. My Other Car Is a Centaur
10. Are You There, God? Please Help Me Stop Masturbating.


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