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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Crusties-The Only Band Worth Hating

There are two bands called The Crusties, one from Wisconsin, the other from Nanaimo, British Columbia. The is the latter.

There is a scarcity of information on this band on the web, the only information I could find is this. This is some crudely offensive punk rock and it is horribly recorded. They have nothing to do with Crust Punk, it's just a band name. This is the only release I know of, they probably disbanded. This was recorded and released in 2001. It is funny, offensive and a great listen, check it out:

The Crusties-The Only Band Worth Hating:

1. Lorne
2. Racist Grandpa
3. Count of Monte Fisto
4. Hey Ho
5. Backbreaker
6. Vicboria
7. I'm Ready
8. Hot Hot Junkies
9. The Syndicate
10. Shanghai City Titty
11. I'm Gonna Kick Lorne
12. Cigarette Time


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