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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dischange-Seeing Feeling Bleeding

If you love retarded drum beats and repetition to no end, then you probably love D-beat. I know I do...This is Dischange. Good shit. These guys are Swedish and we know how brutal anything from the Swedes is...Swedes are some pissed off folks. You know how may Discharge rip-offs there are? A shitload...But they all kick ass in their own right. Enjoy!

Dischange-Seeing Feeling Bleeding:

1. After-War Scars
2. Casualties Of Greed
3. Blind Paths
4. Victims Of Madness
5. Resist The Statecontrol
6. Image Of Welfare
7. Seeing Feeling Bleeding
8. Odd Dog End
9. The End Is Here
10. Agonized Faces
11. On Knees
12. Government Ignorance
13. Visions Of Horror
14. Among The Slaughtered
15. The Godblessed Western Way


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