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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Doom-Total Doom

Here is Doom, one of the greatest crust bands of all time. These crusty d-beat giants are gods of their genre and "Total Doom" is a collection of tracks off of their "Police Bastard" EP, "Warcrimes-Inhuman Beings" LP, and their side of the split, "Bury the Debt, Not The Dead". 37 tracks of heart pounding war beats and chaotic instrumentation make for some good times, even if the music has absolutely nothing to do with good times. I love this fucking record, you should download it and bask in the glory of Doom.

Doom-Total Doom:

1. Relief, Pt. 2
2. Police Bastard
3. Diseased
4. Circles
5. Means To An End
6. Sick Joke '89
7. No Thought
8. Black Monday
9. Nazi Die
10. Agree To Differ
11. War On Our Doorstep
12. Bury The Debt
13. Life In Freedom
14. Days Go By
15. Sold Out Scene
16. Free Yourself
17. Confusion
18. Life Lock
19. Slave To Convention
20. Dreams To Come True
21. Drowning In The Mainstream
22. Same Mind
23. Relief
24. After The Bomb
25. Stop-Gap
26. Scared
27. Sick Joke
28. Natural Abuse
29. Exploitation
30. Beat The Boss
31. Money Drug
32. Fear Of The Future
33. No Religion
34. Phobia For Change
35. Multinationals
36. Obscenity
37. War Crimes



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