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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bad Brains-Bad Brains

Here's everyone's favorite homophobic, Rastafarian, African-American, punk rock playing Jazz Fusionists, (the) Bad Brains. They were possibly the first hardcore band, but that depends greatly on opinion. I don't have an opinion really, good music is good music...Who the fuck cares who sped up punk first? At least these motherfuckers were talented musicians, unlike the vast majority of everything "hardcore" or "punk" that followed or even pre-dated this release...Fuck it, enjoy!

Bad Brains-Bad Brains:

1. Sailin' On
2. Don't Need It
3. Attitude
4. The Regulator
5. Banned In D.C.
6. Jah Calling
7. Supertorch/Shitfit
8. Leaving Babylon
9. Fearless Vampire Killers
10. I
11. Big Take Over
12. Pay to Cum
13. Right Brigade
14. I Luv I Jah
15. Intro
16. Jah The Conqueror


1 comment:

Zer said...

Zer to the Bad Brains. I practically married my wife on their 1989 tour.
Excellent blog, it's added to my top blog list (see link on the right side of churchofzer.com).
Zer !