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Friday, April 24, 2009

President Camacho-Libido Of The Living Dead

I'm posting this for three reasons...The first is because Zer asked me to. The second is because the band has a really fucking cool name (After President Camacho from Mike Judge's film, Idiocracy). The third and final reason is because it is belligerently fucked up grindcore that owns your very existence by a thread, then cuts that thread sending you falling into a horrid smelling vat of shit filled with Greenland sharks and the dreaded aids virus...Enjoy!

President Camacho-Libido Of The Living Dead:

1. Caller: Cronos
2. God's Eye Needs Glasses
3. Je Suis Un Panda
4. Motorizer
5. Jean-Claude
6. Assblaster
7. La Punition
8. Copyright Control
9. Neutralizer
10. 12 Inches Of Peter Steele
11. Libido Of The Living Dead


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