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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fuckhead Bastards-Up The Government! (Demo)

Here are the Fuckhead Bastards, an obscure, probably defunct Canadian street punk band. I got this one random night on Soulseek, as I do with so much of my shit, so I don't know anything really about the band. Enjoy this badly recorded piece of musical shit. I know I did.

Fuckhead Bastards-Up The Government! (Demo):

1. Bar Brawl
2. Prejudice Society
3. Jordan Pissed Himself
4. Homebrew
5. pXe
6. Meat: It Just Makes Sense
7. Cool To Kill Yourself
8. Up The Punx Rockerz
9. MOSH Song
10. Bad Moon Rising (CCR)
11. Gutterdrunx



Jedi said...

Haha, this was the first band I was ever part of. Memories...

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna give it a listen just 'cause of the name & album title! :D