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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cryptic Slaughter-Convicted

Cryptic Slaughter-Convicted:

1. M.A.D.
2. Little World
3. Sudden Death
4. Lowlife
5. Rage To Kill
6. Rest In Pain
7. Nuclear Future
8. State Control
9. Hypocrite
10. War To The Knife
11. Nation Of Hate
12. Black And White
13. Reich Of Torture
14. Convicted
15. Flesh Of The Wench (Demo)
16. Necessity Supreme (Demo)
17. Life In Grave (Demo)
18. War To The Knife (Demo)
19. Rest In Pain (Demo)
20. Set Your Own Pace (Live)
21. Positively (Live)
22. Black And White (Live)
23. Lowlife (Live)


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