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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Black Flag-Damaged

Easily one of the most important recordings to ever surface, Black Flag's "Damaged" has continuously transcended it's influence numerous times over into every genre of music. You can argue all day about which singer of Black Flag was better, among other things, but few can argue to significance of this album and the mark it has left and continues to leave. It's definitely the most well rounded of any of their releases and is by far their best. Rollins might not have been my favorite singer, but his voice drives this record to an entirely new level, reverberating from your ears to your sphincter and causing premature bowel evacuations at inopportune instances in time. What would follow "Damaged" was pretty much all bullshit, with a few halfway decent moments in between, this was Black Flag's landmark album. Nothing has come close to touching this record on every level...There have been a few to surpass it in certain key areas, but this one essentially has everything and then some...The song "Rise Above", with Ginn's guitar riff, combined with Rollin's rage could be an anthem for every subsequent generation and it should be. Every track here is a work of crudely drawn, yet powerful art. Pissed off in all the right places, emotional, and hard-hitting, this is the hardcore masterpiece. Enjoy!

Black Flag-Damaged:

1. Rise Above
2. Spray Paint
3. Six Pack
4. What I See
5. TV Party
6. Thirsty And Miserable
7. Police Story
8. Gimme Gimme Gimme
9. Depression
10. Room 13
11. Damaged II
12. No More
13. Padded Cell
14. Life Of Pain
15. Damaged I
16. Louie Louie


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