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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Common Enemy-2 Albums

Common Enemy kicks ass. They play fast skate-punk/thrash...My favorite. Enjoy!

Common Enemy-Late Night Skate:

1. 7 Ply
2. Late Night Skate
3. Can't Relate
4. Circle Pit Love
5. Pit Trilogy
6. Theme Song
7. Not To Self...Shut Up
8. 8 Bit Armageddon
9. Build Ramps, Not Bombs
10. Slash The Coping
11. Punk's Dead, You're Next
12. The Argument
13. Dead Alive
14. It's A Beautiful Day For Hardcore
15. Paralyzed
16. Prayer For Profit
17. Wheelbite!


Common Enemy-Thrasing Under The Influence:

1. One Up
2. T.U.I.
3. Think For Yourself
4. Heroes In A Shell
5. 4 Wheels & A Board
6. Drunk Fuck
7. Beer, Boads & The Crew
8. Skate That Shit
9. I Give Up
10. Got Tanked
11. Shark Attack
12. Skate Of The Dead
13. Park Scabs & Ramp Tramps
14. Tear It Up
15. Skate The Day Away
16. Thanks, It Came As A Set
17. We're Thru
18. Good-Bye, So Long
19. Skate That Shit-Asshole


1 comment:

Vultch said...

Nice...been wanting this.
My girlfriend has a turntable that rips tracks straight into iTunes. You can get them now for about $120 bucks or more.