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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone-Fighting Back

Paul Di'Anno is my favorite Iron Maiden vocalist. He is most noted for being the grittiest sounding singer and for sounding punk...Well, at least he doesn't sound like the pussy bitch that Bruce Dickinhisass is. For whatever reason, I'm not a fan of much Iron Maiden after Paul's departure. He complemented that band well and Dickinson gets the credit from numerous critics as being the better vocalist, when he clearly sucks walrus cock. Fuck that guy. Back to the topic that I was supposed to address...This is Battlezone, one of Paul Di'Anno's projects after Iron Maiden. What's there really to say other than if fucking kicks ass. Enjoy!

Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone-Fighting Back:

1. (Forever) Fighting Back
2. Welcome To The Battlezone
3. Warchild
4. In The Darkness
5. The Land God Gave To Caine
6. Running Blind
7. Too Much To Heart
8. Voice On The Radio
9. Welfare Warriors
10. Feel The Rock


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