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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Couple Goodies From Negative Approach...

If you don't know of Negative Approach by now, stick a pink dildo lubricated with peanut butter and your semen up your ass and shot yourself in your left foot while watching Barney and Friends or Dora...Now Imagine Dora being fucked in the ass by Swiper with Barney getting fucked by BJ and he doesn't have the courtesy to give Barney a reach around. Masturbate to that thought and if that doesn't make you feel dirty, download "1 Night In Paris" instead. Now imagine what Paris Hilton's vagina can take. A root beer can? A 2 liter? Mandigo's cock if he was stricken with elepantitis? Anything is better than those twisted thoughts, so cleanse your body and soul with some Negative Approach. Now go fuck yourself. Enjoy!
Negative Approach-Negative Approach 7":

1. Can't Tell No One
2. Sick Of Talk
3. Pressure
4. Why Be Something That You're Not?
5. Nothing
6. Fair Warning
7. Ready To Fight
8. Lead Song
9. Whatever I Do
10. Negative Approach

Negative Approach-Tied Down:

1. Tied Down
2. Hypocrite
3. Evacuate
4. Said And Done
5. Nothing
6. Your Mistake
7. Live Your Life
8. Friend Or Foe
9. Dead Stop
10. I'll Survive


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