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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Agnostic Front-United Blood EP

Certainly not as "refined" or as classic as "Victim In Pain" may be, the "United Blood EP" is still the original Agnostic Front I love. This is a band that was ten times better playing all out hardcore thrash tunes than playing crossover, Oi! (although always a prevalent influence in their sound), or crappy Metalcore bullshit (like they play now). Short, sweet and to the point (only two songs breach the one minute mark). That's how I like it and that's how they deliver their sometimes controversial points. Check it out. Enjoy!

Agnostic Front-United Blood EP:

1. No One Rules
2. Final War
3. Last Warning
4. Traitor
5. Friend Or Foe
6. United Blood
7. Fight
8. Discriminate Me
9. In Control
10. Crucial Changes


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Actually a pretty lame record, (even Roger dismisses this one!) but it foreshadows the monster AF made next, "Victim In Pain," one of the most solid HC albums of all time. Gotta start somewhere, right? A buddy of mine recently scored an original for about $2 at a garage sale!