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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Asschapel-Fire And Destruction

Asschapel plays the same spleen decimating thrash metal I was raised on, with hints of death metal, crossover and crust all eating through your skin like the saliva of a rabid Xenomorph who hasn't yet had it's daily helping of human. It'll fuck you in all your holes and may even leave you some new ones here and there...All in all, it's some good shit...Kinda like Slayer on speed at times. Enjoy!

Asschapel-Fire And Destruction:

1. Unholy Destruction
2. The Battle-Axe
3. Carcass, Bloody Carcass
4. The Final Command
5. Pray For Blood
6. The Blessed And The Wretched
7. Follow The Fist
8. The Sledgehammer Assault
9. Godwhore
10. Approach The Casket
11. After The Sacrifice
12. Fire And Destruction