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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rednecks In Pain-Sick Semen

Rednecks In Pain were from Nashville, Tennessee. This was a cassette only release as far as I can tell and you can buy a copy here for $50. I can't really find much information on the band besides a few mentions in some articles when you search "Rednecks In Pain" on Google. No other blogs that I know of are sharing their other releases, of which there are two others listed on Kill From The Heart. The music is go-stop-go-fast-slow-fast-stop-go-fast hardcore punk by nature, but it offers enough of a deviation from the mold to inspire repeat listening. I don't really know much about this band or the Nashville punk scene. Some more information would be beneficial. If anyone has anything, leave me a comment. Enjoy!

Does anyone have rips of their other releases?

Rednecks In Pain-Sick Semen:

1. John's First Time
2. Stabbed In The Back
3. Won't Be Abused
4. Third Floor
5. Quick To Judge
6. You
7. The Fetus
8. Tearing Down The Walls
9. Cyanide
10. Attitudes


A video of theirs I found on Youtube:


encpunk said...

Redneck's in pain had 2 7" records. One on Mystic or was it 2 on Mystic?? They also have 3 songs on Mutha Records compilation "Music a Mutha Could Love" cd

encpunk said...

Rednecks in Pain - Your Greasy Granny 7”

Rednecks in Pain - Sick Semen demo

Rednecks in Pain - Tribal Dance

Sequence of the Yippin' Moo

Rednecks In Pain - Suck the Butt of the Chosen One Demo

encpunk said...

241 - REDNECKS IN PAIN - The Tribal Dance Sequence 7" ('90) purple wax MYSTIC RECORDS

Rookie Dad said...

This is Sean Denton of "Rednecks in Pain" I can provide info on the band and how to get hold of the aforementioned releases...is this thing on?

digitizer said...

Hey Rookie Dad!! Give us that info!!! Please!!!

- a fan in CA

Anonymous said...

There are high quality scans of the Mystic release on my Mystic Discography page: