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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Millions Of Dead Cops-Millions Of Dead Cops LP

Who doesn't love a dead cop? Who doesn't love millions of them? I know I love the prospect of that some cop killing epidemic sweeping the nation. Fuck the police, the only good cop is a dead one...

Now that that is of my system, here's some MDC, formerly known as the Stains. Originally from Texas, they moved to San Francisco. "MDC" stands for "Millions Of Dead Cops", "Millions Of Dead Children", "Millions Of Damn (or Dead) Christians", "Multi-Death Corporations", "Metal Devil Cokes", "Magnus Dominus Corpus", Millions Of Dead Contractors", "Murdering Dane Cook", "Masturbating Dumb Children", "Making Damn Cakes", "Mopping Dead Crabs", "Multiple Democrat Cunts", "Mexican Demon Cocksmokers", etc.

MDC plays highly political and oftentimes politically blunt songs. Both like and unlike their contemporaries, their point wasn't lost on those who dared listen to their music. It's pretty straight forward in retrospect. A band like the Dead Kennedys, for instance, would shroud their politics in satire and is really the thinking man's kinda band. MDC, on the other hand, while politically similar, straight out says what it means.

The music, coupled with Dictor's lyrics and delivery gel together and make this a hardcore classic. A must for any fan of hardcore punk. Enjoy!

Millions Of Dead Cops-Millions Of Dead Cops LP:

1. Business On Parade
2. Dead Cops-America's So Straight
3. Born To Die
4. Corporate Deathburger
5. Violent Rednecks
6. I Remember
7. John Wayne Was A Nazi
8. Dick For Brains
9. I Hate Work
10. My Family Is A Little Weird
11. Greedy And Pathetic
12. Church And State
13. Kill The Light
14. American Achievements


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Perfect record. This thing SCARED me the first time I heard it back in 1983. Never heard anything so intense. I have been listening to this record on a regular basis ever since then.