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Monday, July 27, 2009

Crucial Unit-Everything Went Strunk

Fucking fast ass thrashcore that is simultaneously nauseating and strangely rejuvenating. This band causes sphincters to constrict then relax in a consistently erratic motion, so be careful if you're a little too liberal with the Tapatío or you ate too many beans or hot pockets. I'm also pretty sure that my upload is missing some tracks, cause I lost my copy and had to resort to Soulseek. Fuck your couch (insert 'racial epithet claimed to have been taken back by the race that the word was originally a derogatory term to describe that person because of their skin color' here...But only if you can make sense of that rambling incoherent statement that is more than likely considered a 'run-on' sentense...It just makes no sense.)! By the way...Enjoy!

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