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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alcoholics Unanimous-Hangover Cure

Definitely one of the best band names ever. And also one of the best concepts behind a band...Period. Drinking songs are a music mainstay, but every so often there are whole drinking albums and sometimes, as is the case with Alcoholics Unanimous, there are bands where the band itself only makes drinking songs. What's even better (or worse) is that the actual music composition is drunken in nature. Almost to the point where it seems intentional for purposes of playing into their gimmick, but then again these are the same people behind Rancid Vat (The Whiskey Rebel and Intoxica) and the Antiseen (information is relatively scarce though and I'm not positive if Jeff Clayton played on this release or not), so they probably were drunk when they recorded this. The music is a beautifully crafted clusterfuck of punk, rock 'n' roll and country that makes your head spin into a drunken stupor of stupidity. It's stupidly good shit. Chicken soup for the slightly more than habitual drinker's soul. Enjoy!

*Note: Not actual album art.

Alcoholics Unanimous-Hangover Cure:

1. You Can't Hurt A Drunk
2. Booze is the Answer
3. The Last Supper
4. Tricky the Whiskey
5. Bandmembers Suck
6. Grandpa Was a Drunk (B4 There Was Punk)
7. Aint Nothing to Drink
8. Corporate Ladder
9. The Mold
10. Santa Forgot the Booze
11. Santa Clause DWI
12. Drinking Saved My Life
13. Drinking In The Men's Room
14. Hell To Pay
15. Alcotopia
16. Open Container
17. Thunderbird
18. AlcoBaby
19. OLCC
20. Don't Do This
21. Loose Asshole Beer
22. Pencil Neck Barkeep


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