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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Society System Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say

This is another relatively easy find for those who frequently search the interweb for "rare" music. After close examination of this seminal band, I have concluded that Boston is a place that seems to be filled with both ravenous drunks and straight edgers of the militant variety.

When you talk straight edge, you usually talk about Minor Threat. Ian came up with it, sure, but as far as I've read, it was always more of a personal doctrine rather than a "you must live your life this way" kinda thing...I think that it's called "Hardline"...SSD was among the Boston bands inspired by Minor Threat that inflicted grievous bodily harm on those who opposed it and those who were unaware of it. Force feeding it, if you will. But in reality, they were probably a bunch of assholes who couldn't get laid and were to scared to drink and do drugs. To each his own, I guess.

However you may feel, they did put out this great record and another decent one before switching to metal of the shit variety...As in a third rate AC/DC...And I like AC/DC, just not SS/DC.

This record is an intense onslaught of murder in the best degree, although I do feel someone should of gotten these guys high and laid, then maybe I wouldn't have to feel like I was listening to an angry black religious sermon. Sometimes the most narrow minded fucks make some of the best music, and please don't take that last statement out of context. Enjoy!

Society System Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say:

1. Boiling Point
2. Fight Back
3. Do You Even Care
4. Not Normal
5. Wasted Youth
6. Jock Itch
7. Fun To You
8. V.A.
9. How Much Art
10. The Kids Will Have Their Say
11. Headed Straight
12. War Threat
13. Teach Me Violence
14. Screw
15. Who's To Judge
16. Police Beat
17. United
18. The End


This great album and the rest of their crap is available at Church Of Zer, a great blog worth supporting.

This record has been long out of print. Bootlegs are available, but scarce, however the compilation, "Power" is available here.

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