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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Excel-Split Image

Excel-Split Image

1. Your Life, My Life
2. Insecurity
3. Split Image
4. Never Look Away
5. Wreck Your World
6. Social Security
7. Set Yourself Apart
8. The Joke's On You
9. Looking For You
10. Spare The Pain


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centrifuge said...

you have some great stuff on here man... back when *i* was a rabid collector (cured!) i tried quite hard to find a copy of this fucker (rare as rockinghorse shit) but never managed it, i only have a taped copy of it... and yes, i did read your comments on record collectors..! haha, these days i listen to more free jazz etc than metal or punk and i can tell you, the collectors in that scene are probably worse than anything you will have encountered... they really think that having a large record collection makes you a superior person... then again, most of these guys have wasted their lives doing nothing but collect rare records so they can hardly afford to admit the truth to themselves, now can they..? anyway - i've grabbed a few old classics off here that i never had in digital form, so thanks for you efforts... you get my vote simply for the fact that the only iron maiden recordings you have here are the only two albums i can still stand, i.e. the ones before bruce dickinson joined :)