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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Antioxys-Live Somewhere

This is after I quit, or was kicked out (not really sure which one). They're performing as a three piece without a bassist in this video.

I know they got a new bassist and everyone says he's a carbon copy of a stereotypical punk rocker, street punk wannabe pussy...Hahaha, I haven't met him though and really don't care to. Cory, Taylor and Titus are still good blokes though and I'd love to jam with them again sometime in the near future. I had fun playing with those guys. I essentially learned to play the bass in that band, so it's all good, I got a skill out of it. I'm a lot better now after leaving the band. I have a grip of new songs with me on guitar (Yes, I learned that to and am getting pretty good at it) and my buddy Caleb (former A.i.D.S., Victims of War, We're Single, Blasphemers) on Drums. I'm gonna get a video out of that as soon as I can. These songs are really good to. We're gonna need a bass player or a guitarist (I'll play either) and a singer, so auditions are entirely open for anyone who can keep up. My number is 760-949-2502 if anyone is interested.

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