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Friday, November 21, 2008


I kinda have a thing for Canadian Hardcore bands. D.O.A. is without a doubt the most well know of Canadian punk bands, so here's a couple EPs. I remember when they played the Trilogy in Victorville on a weeknight. Barely anyone showed, except for the other bands playing and a few others. Fucking dumbasses missed out on a great show by a great fucking band. I was there. It was great and I can say I saw them. Enjoy!

D.O.A.-War On 45:

1. Liar For Hire
2. I'm Right, Your Wrong
3. America The Beautiful
4. Let's Fuck
5. War (Edwin Starr)
6. I Hate You
7. War In The East
8. Class War (The Dils)


D.O.A.-It's Not Unusual:

1. It's Not Unusual
2. Dead Men Tell No Tales
3. Blue To Brown
4. Help Me Get Out Of Here
5. Runaway World


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