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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Limp Wrist-Complete Discography

Here's some queercore for ya. Insane, fast, and so gay. Enjoy!

Limp Wrist-Complete Discography:

1. I Love Hardcore Boys/ I Love Boys Hardcore
2. Secrets
3. Cruisin' At The Show
4. Smear The Fear
5. You Ain't That Fierce
6. Back In The Days
7. Relatives Got Nerve
8. Cheap Art
9. Limp Wrist
10. Limp Wrist v. Dr. Laura
11. This Ain't No Cross On My Hand
12. Brotherhood
13. Thanks
14. We Started This Band To Get Dates
15. OD'd On Pop
16. Give Me A Fuckin' Break
17. Man To Man
18. No Choice
19. What's Up With The Kids
20. Stabbed In The Back
21. Punk Ass Queers
22. Rainbows
23. Recruiting Time
24. Define
25. 12 Years Of Church
26. A Message To The President
27. Angry Queen
28. The Ode
29. Complex
30. Does Your Daddy Know?
31. This Ain't No Cross On My Hand
32. Limpwrist
33. I Love Hardcore Boys/ I Love Boys Hardcore
34. Stabbed In The Back
35. Recruiting Time
36. Brotherhood
37. Thanks


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