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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Mentors-Up The Dose

Whatever your take is on the Mentors, they still happened. Of the notable shock rock musicians to frequent the talk show circuit in the 90s (El Duce, GG Allin, Gwar), El Duce was the funniest...Probably because he's just fucking funny to look at in the first place. Their brand of music was misogynistic, sexist and almost utterly pointless. It earned the mantle of "Rape Rock". Too bad El Duce got hit by a train...Maybe that was a good thing actually. Fuck it. Long live rape rock! R.I.P. El Duce.

The Mentors-Up The Dose

1. Hetrosexuals Have the Right to Rock
2. Rock'em Sock'em
3. White Trash Woman
4. Adultery
5. On the Rag
6. Kick It on Down
7. Secretary Hump
8. Couch Test Casting
9. S.F.C.C
10. Up the Dose

Click on El Duce to Download

1 comment:

Vultch said...

The Mentors came to play Apple Valley with Spitting on cops, but no one was at the show so they said they would reschedule with us for another time. Heathenscum I think took over vocals when he died