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Friday, November 14, 2008

ABH-Oi! Collection

This is a repost lifted from the Society's Fodder blog.

ABH is a pretty damn good oi band. Although there is a widely acknowledged far right link to the band, none of their music is particularly racist. Members of the band were associated with Nazis and some were also involved in that movement at one time. There is an interview somewhere online where a member of the band addresses those issues and denounces his involvement. Anyways, regardless of the stand you take on those issues (my stance is pretty clear by what I post here), ABH is a damn good band in the history of punk and oi music. A highly recommended listen...Enjoy!

ABH-Oi! Collection:

1. Country Boy Rocker
2. Wanna Riot
3. Don't Mess With The S.A.S.
4. 999
5. Teenage Aggression
6. Concrete Jungle
7. Kids Of The Nation
8. Pissed On Arrival


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