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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nuclear Waste-Shitty Demo

Nuclear Waste a band from my high school that formed in 2005 and was over by 2006. The lineup consisted of Katie on vocals, Devin on guitar, Jen on bass, and Rob on drums. They were a good band, a little generic, but good nonetheless. They probably fit in best as a street punk band, but the lyrics are influenced more by anarcho themes than that of typical street punk (as in: oi oi up the punx oi)...Their first show was at the Reflections in Victorville with Cheap Sex, Media Blitz, and Fight Back. They played a few more here and there, replaced Devin with Keegan and played a couple more after that before they quit. I know they played a show with D.I. and that might of been their last show (?). There was talk about reforming the band a while back, but they are all pretty much off doing their own thing. I know Devin and Rob played in a crust band called M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) for a while, but I'm not sure if they're even still playing together. This was their demo, approprietly titled "Shitty Demo". The songs are good, and you can hear poterntial, but the recording sucks ass. There is an unreleased Demo/EP that I have a CD-R copy of somewhere that is essentially an actual studio re-recording of this. I'll post that when I find it. Enjoy!

Nuclear Waste-Shitty Demo:

1. The First Casualty
2. Take Action
3. What Will You Do?
4. Only The Dead Know The End
5. Stop The Slaughter


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