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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fuck Ups-FU82

This EP is pretty widely available on other blogs, but here it is again. I got this on the 7" Punk site a long ass time ago. As to the history of the band, pretty much any info is scarce. What I do know is that they were from San Francisco and everyone there hated them because they were assholes and their lyrics can be considered borderline "racist"...Not really. Just one song, "White Boy". I interpret it more as just trying to piss everyone off rather than a racist song, or maybe in the same vein as "Guilty of Being White" or "White Minority" were. Either way, this is snotty, loud, totally obnoxious shit that makes anal sex with Mandingo to a white girl who just moved to LA from bumfuck egypt to become an actress sound pleasant and enjoyable!

Fuck Ups-FU82:

1. White Boy
2. Once I Had A Brother
3. Get Out
4. I Think Your Shit
5. Negative Reaction
6. I Hate You
7. Bonus-Bacon And Eggs


Thanks to Good Bad Music for Bad, Bad Times for the cover scan. I couldn't find it anywhere else. Thanks.

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Vultch said...

These guys played a reunion show in SF a while back. I heard about it from Sam (Sheisse Minneli). They played, Sick Pleasure and other greats for one show