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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Body Count-Body Count (Cop Killer)

Body Count was one of the first bands I saw live, at the Cypress Hill Smokeout in 2003. This is crossover thrash from the hood, featuring the OG himself, Ice T, on vocals. This album is notable because it was first issued with the controversial song, "Cop Killer" which sparked debate across the nation on what could be said on a major label release...Fuck yeah. The song was removed in later issues of the record. It's kinda hypocritical, in a way, that Ice T plays a cop on TV. It's just television...Watch "Surviving The Game". That movie kicks ass, as does this album...Well, enjoy this for all it's worth. A classic record...Enjoy!

Body Count-Body Count:

1. Smoked Pork
2. Body Count's In The House
3. Now Sports
4. Body Count
5. A Statistic
6. Bowels Of The Devil
7. The Real Problem
8. KKK Bitch
9. C Note
10. Voodoo
11. The Winner Looses
12. There Goes The Neighborhood
13. Oprah
14. Evil Dick
15. Body Count Anthem
16. Momma's Gonna Die Tonight
17. Out In The Parking Lot
18. Cop Killer



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These guys Toured with Guns and Roses back in the day

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