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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Adolescents

Here is the Adolescents self titled album, referred to by most as "The Blue Album". I picked this up appropriately at my first Adolescents show back in 2005. This is a great album, one of the defining ones of the OC scene. The first time I heard of the Adolescents actually was back when I was watching one of the Crusty Demons Of Dirt videos and "Kids Of The Black Hole " was playing. I was hooked and I remember playing that tape over and over just for that one song. Check it out if you haven't heard it already. You won't be disappointed...Enjoy!

The Adolescents-Adolescents:

1. I Hate Children
2. Who Is Who
3. Wrecking Crew
4. L.A. Girl
5. Self Destruct
6. Kids Of The Black Hole
7. No Way
8. Amoeba
9. Word Attack
10. Rip It Up
11. Democracy
12. No Friends
13. Creatures
14. Welcome To Reality
15. Losing Battle
16. Things Start Moving


Here is a compilation of their various demos from 1980-1986. Here you'll find worse recordings of some of their other material and what I think is the first recording of "Richard Hung Himself" before Casey Royer left and started D.I. It has different lyrics and is arguably better than the legendary D.I. version in my unprofessional opinion. Anyways, Enjoy!

The Adolescents-The Complete Demos 1980-1986:

1. We Can't Change The World
2. Black Sheep
3. Growing Up Today
4. We Rule And You Don't
5. I Hate Children
6. No Friends
7. Who Is Who
8. Wrecking Crew
9. Wrecking Crew
10. Creatures
11. Amoeba
12. Self Destruct
13. Do The Eddie
14. Richard Hung Himself
15. The Liar
16. The Peasant Song


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