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Sunday, May 18, 2008

State Of Alert-No Policy EP

State Of Alert will best be remembered as Henry Rollins' first band, back when he lived in DC and worked alongside Ian Mackaye at Häagen-Dazs. Honestly, S.O.A wasn't really that great of a band, but it is a good listen for any fan of hardcore or Rollins' era Black Flag. To be honest yet again, I like S.O.A. a hell of a lot more than I like anything Rollins' did in Black Flag after the "Damaged" LP. Enjoy this for what it is, a footnote in the world of DC Hardcore. This is S.O.A.'s only release, their first and their last...Enjoy!

State Of Alert-No Policy EP:

1. Lost In Space
2. Draw Blank
3. Girl Problems
4. Blackout
5. Gate Crashers
6. Warzone
7. Riot
8. Gang Fight
9. Public Defender
10. Gonna Hafta Fight


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