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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Zero Boys-Vicious Circle

This is one of my all time favorite albums. I like hardcore that is musically tight and fast as hell and you get that with the Zero Boys. Essentially, it is hardcore with very skilled musicianship. It's also catchy as fuck...You can understand most of the lyrics, which is a major plus in my book for a band like this and you can sing along as well. To me, this album promotes a good mood...It's just how the music sounds. They are from Indianapolis, Indiana and it just shows how the hardcore movement in America operated independently from the coasts...It seems it was always a separate movement it it's own right and the Zero Boys show even how mid-westerners were pissed off as much as someone in Los Angeles or DC. I'm always hearing about great bands from the middle of bumfuck nowhere. Anyways, I dig this band, I always will...Enjoy!

Zero Boys-Vicious Circle:

1. Vicious Circle

2. Amphetamine Addiction

3. New Generation

4. Dirty Alleys/Dirty Minds

5. Civilizations Dying

6. Livin' In The 80's

7. Drug Free Youth

8. Down The Drain

9. Outta Style

10. You Can Touch Me

11. Forced Entry

12. Hightime

13. Charlies' Place

14. Trying Harder

15. She Said Goodbye

16. Slam And Worm


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