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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Varukers-1980-2005: Collection of 25 Years

Since I wrote part of the Wikipedia article on them, I'll just post the link for it:

Wikipedia Article

This is probably the best retrospective CD out there for the Varukers. It was released in 2005 on SOS Records...Enjoy!

The Varukers-1980-2005: Collection of 25 Years:

1. No Education
2. Good Time Girls
3. Murder
4. Fuck You Up
5. Genocide
6. Tortured By Their Lies
7. Modem For Destruction
8. Where Is Your God
9. No Restrictions
10. Lesson We Must Never Forget
11. We Hint At Things Nuclear
12. Android
13. No Masters No Slaves
14. Protest And Survive
15. Die For Your Government
16. Led To Slaughter
17. All Systems Fail
18. Neglected
19. Seek Shelter In Hell
20. Massacred Millions
21. Nodda Machine
22. Soldier Boy
23. No Hope Of A Future
24. No Escape
25. End is Nigh


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