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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Virus-Still Fighting For A Future

This is what Interpunk says:

"An unchecked disease of filth, pain and hatred as these East Coast hoodlums spread their message of spikey-haired chaos to the disenfranchised children of this once great nation. Intense and loaded total hardcore punk action deranged with sing-along vocals and an '82 attitude."

This is what I say:

"Entertaining, but still fitting the mold of street punk without much deviation from the form, if at all...Generic to say the least, but still enjoyable. Mike Virus has a pretty good voice that makes it all the more interesting, but the lyrics have been sung before, albeit it different ways, by so many other better bands."

It's actually really good stuff...They're by far better than Mike Virus's later project, Cheap Sex. I enjoy, you should enjoy as well...

The Virus-Still Fighting For A Future:

1. Until We Win
2. Battles
3. Today's Rebellion, Tomorrow's Freedom
4. Take Control
5. Throwaway Kids
6. Who's Gonna Pay
7. Know It All
8. No Time At All
9. Forgotten Rebel
10. Forced Into Death
11. They Lie
12. Day By Day


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