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Monday, May 19, 2008

Resilience-Never Give In

Here's Resilience...They play Oi! and hardcore influenced street punk that's pretty good. Enjoy!

Bio from SOS Records:

Resilience started playing music in late 1999. Mixing tempo street punk with sing along Oi; they created stylistic anthems and their own unique sound. Because of their strong talent, they were allowed immediate access to San Francisco and the entire northern California circuit, quickly amassing a solid fan base. In less than a year Resilience had already self released their first full length album entitled Never Give In. At the same time they were already playing shows with such high caliber punk rock legends as The Business (from England) and hardcore greats Agnostic Front (from N.Y.). With lyrical content touching on almost every social problem they represent an attitude of self empowerment in a world of negativity. Resilience has played all over the U.S. , self promoting their first east coast tour and playing the Unity tour with L.A. punks T.S.O.L and The Casualties(from N.Y.). Selling over 3000 copies (not including demos), of their first self released album, Resilience has managed to distribute their merchandise, including t-shirts, stickers, patches, posters, and buttons all over the world. After touring with punk rock greats Lower Class Brats, Resilience is getting ready to go back out on the road to support their second album entitled Sound of Strength. The new album is being released on S.O.S. records, along with a roster of impressive albums by punk veterans The Addicts and The Exploited. Going out on the first S.O.S. U.S. tour, Resilience will be playing with American punk icons Total Chaos and Belgium’s best punk band Funeral Dress who have been playing since 85. Resilience is expecting to increase their record sales 10- fold, with plenty of tours coming up and a third album on the horizon- so join in on a Resilience anthem and NEVER GIVE IN!!!!!

Resilience-Never Give In:

1. Resilience
2. Get Out
3. Save Yourself
4. Beat for the Beaten
5. We are the Ones
6. Cynic
7. D.I.Y.
8. Colors of War
9. Unity
10. Survive
11. Don't Care
12. The Pist/Poor Anthem


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