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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sham 69-Complete Collection Disc 1

I only have 1 disc for the complete collection, but I'm pretty confident in saying that this is probably the only disc that you'd need for a basic crash course in the Oi! legends, Sham 69...The only reason I only have 1 disc is because I downloaded this off of Soulseek a while ago and was banned from the motherfucker I was taking this from before I could finish...

Anyways, I love Sham 69. That sums it up in a lot of ways. I just recently saw the newest lineup minus Jimmy Pursey in Apple Valley...It was still a great show...Anyways, enjoy!

Sham 69-Complete Collection Disc 1:

1. Borstal Breakout
2. Hey Little Rich Boy
3. Angels With Dirty Faces
4. Cockney Kids Are Innocent
5. If The Kids Are United
6. Sunday Morning Nightmare
7. Hurry Up Harry
8. Questions And Answers
9. Hersham Boys
10. Give A Dog A Bone
11. You're A Better Man Than I
12. Tell The Children
13. Unite And Win
14. Rip And Tear
15. Outside The Warehouse
16. Ban The Gun


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