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Monday, May 19, 2008

Social Distortion-Live At The Roxy

This pretty much served as a Greatest Hits album before "Greatest Hits" came out in 2007. I actually prefer some of the live versions here over some of the studio tracks, plus Mike Ness' banter in between songs is funny and interesting at the same time...Enjoy!

Social Distortion-Live At The Roxy:

1. Story Of My Life
2. Bad Luck
3. Under My Thumb
4. Prison Bound
5. Mommy's Little Monster
6. Mass Hysteria
7. The Creeps
8. Another State Of Mind
9. Let It Be Me
10. No Pain, No Gain
11. Cold Feelings
12. Telling Them
13. I Was Wrong
14. 1945
15. Don't Drag Me Down
16. Ball And Chain
17. Ring Of Fire


1 comment:

Vultch said...

Saw them play in San Diego the night before they recorded this album. It was Mike Ness's Birthday and some hot ass chicks popped out of a big cake on stage.