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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Slayer-Undisputed Attitude

As a thrash metal band, I love them...As a punk cover band, I still love them. This is "Undisputed Attitude" and it is Slayer's punk rock album. I fucking love Slayer and they do justice to these songs. Nothing is as good as the original artist, but Slayer does try and tries fucking well. Enjoy!

Slayer-Undisputed Attitude:

1. Verbal Abuse/Leeches (Verbal Abuse)
2. Abolish Government (TSOL)
3. Can't Stand You (Pap Smear)
4. Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers (Pap Smear)
5. Guilty Of Being White (Minor Threat)
6. I Hate You (Verbal Abuse)
7. Filler/I Don't Want To Hear (Minor Threat)
8. Spiritual Law (D.I.)
9. Sick Boy (G.B.H.)
10. Mr. Freeze (Dr. Know)
11. Violent Pacification (D.R.I.)
12. Richard Hung Himself (D.I.)
13. I'm Gonna Be Your God (The Stooges)
14. Gemini (Slayer)
15. Memories Of Tomorrow (Suicidal Tendencies)



Anonymous said...

this link is dead can you please re-upload it?

Anonymous said...

still dead in 2010 - not becoming zombie it seems