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Friday, May 16, 2008

Mouth Sewn Shut-Pandemic=Solution

Here we have Moth Sewn Shut, which is a side project of Toxic Narcotic. It is in essence just Toxic Narcotic with a slight Reggae/Ska influence present. It still sounds to me like an extension of Toxic Narcotic and it is pretty good, but it is essentially the same band...This side project is almost entirely unnecessary, but I still like it. Enjoy "Pandemic=Solution" from these Bostonites...I know I do!

Mouth Sewn Shut-Pandemic=Solution:

1. Pro Nature-Anti Human
2. Burning Them Down
3. Get The Gun
4. Whether Or Not
5. Stealing From You
6. Pandemic Solution
7. Flags And Banners
8. Starting To Fall
9. Prove Them Wrong
10. I Refuse
11. Eminent Domain
12. Finally Came Down To Bombs


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