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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hangover Overdose

Hangover Overdose play brutal as all hell Crust...They are from Finland, so you know it's fucking insane. I got these off of the Moshpit Tragedy Records website, which appears to be shut down for now...I guess people liked the sliding scale download system a little too much and didn't fucking donate. I did! It was only a dollar, but fuck it...Enjoy this amazing onslaught of crust from these Finnish fucks. Enjoy!

*Edit: The Moshpit Tragedy Records site isn't down. I just had the wrong URL. You can these albums there and not have to put up with the Rapidshare bullshit.

Hangover Overdose-Huippumalli Haussa:

1. Intro
2. Huippumalli Haussa
3. Kari Rajamäki
4. Ainut Kristitty
5. Pukupellet
6. Turhuuksien Palvelus
7. On Sika Kuosissa
8. Tuhotaan Planeetta
9. Kuulematta Paskaa
10. Joukkohauta
11. Muistatko Mitään
12. Mainonta Vs. Ihmiset
13. Onnellista Elämää
14. Give It Back (Disrupt Cover)
15. Ei Toista Mahdollisuutta (Äpäröi)


Hangover Overdose-Merry Crustmas:

1. F.N.D.
2. Harmaa Huominen
3. Pakko Saada
4. Sumu



Anonymous said...

Please fix your link and point to the Moshpit Tragedy page, not rapidshare!! There is no point to this as the band is already giving it away on donation through the label!


Please read the FAQ at MoshpitTragedy.com - reuploading is not permitted. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Maybe you could do a follow up on this topic!?

Kind regards