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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Rotting Stiffs-Decomposing

The Rotting Stiffs are a grindcore band from Riverside, California. This is their album, "Decomposing". Lyrically, they are in between the socio-political leanings of crust with some hintings of goregrind. I like it, enjoy!

Rotting Stiffs-Decomposing:

1. Bloodstained Minds
2. Putrefied Battlefield
3. All Icons Fall
4. Decomposing
5. Protest Til Death
6. Swallow Your Vomit
7. Kuru
8. Suffer And Die
9. This Is Not Happening
10. Victimless Crimes
11. Death March
12. D.F.R.S.
13. Penial Yeast Infection
14. End Of A Lifelong Dream


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