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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Guttermouth-The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP

Everyone pretty much knows Guttermouth as the snotty, "don't give a fuck, we're gonna wear Bush shirts at Warped Tour" punk band with no respect for anyone or anything. Musically, they derive a lot from the So Cal NOFX/Bad Religion worshiping crowd and have that distinct early Epitaph sound (even though they were only on Epitaph for 3 albums later in their career). This is their first recorded output "Full Length LP", which was first released by Dr. Strange Records, then later reissued as "The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP" on Nitro with their first 2 EP's "Puke" and "Balls" included at the tail end. This is a fine representation of the 90s Cali punk sound and one of the best bands that get off on offending people.

Guttermouth-The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP:

1. Racetrack
2. No More
3. Jack La Lanne
4. Where was I?
5. Old Glory
6. I'm Punk
7. Mr. Barbeque
8. Bruce Lee Vs. The Kiss Army
9. Chicken Box
10. Carp
11. Toilet
12. Oats
13. 1-2-3 Slam
14. I Used to be 20
15. Reggae Man
16. Just a Fuck
17. Hypocrite
18. Marco-Polo
19. Under My Skin
20. Gas But
21. No Such Thing
22. Malted Vomit
23. Ghost


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