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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Beastie Boys

Everyone knows the Beastie Boys. A lot of people, but fewer, know that they started off as a hardcore punk band sharing the stage with acts such as Bad Brains and Reagan Youth back in the early days of NYHC...Before the macho shit takeover in the mid 80s. Anyways, what I have here is "Aglio E Olio", which is a return to their original form, because it was released in 1995, well after they had established themselves as a multi-platinum hip-hop act. By a technicality it can be said that the Beastie Boys are the most commercially successful hardcore punk band of all time, but that's stretching it a bit as most of their success was sustained as a rap group. Anyways, enjoy!

Beastie Boys-Aglio E Olio:

1. Brand New
2. Deal With It
3. Believe Me
4. Nervous Assistant
5. Square Wave In Unison
6. You Catch a Bad One
7. I Can't Think Straight
8. I Want Some
9. Soba Violence


As a bonus, I'm including a live set from CBGBs from the 80s (Not sure what year exactly). It includes a lot of their early songs and what not. It's a bootleg, and it's actually multiple sets, but it's still a solid representation of what the Beastie Boys were before "License To Ill" became the "in" thing...Enjoy as well!

Beastie Boys-Live At CBGBs:

1. Egg Raid On Mojo
2. Transit Cop
3. Beastie Boys
4. Unknown
5. Transit Cop
6. Jimi
7. Holy Snappers
8. Unknown
9. Ode To...
10. Unknown
11. House Of The Rising Sun
12. Michelle's Farm
13. Unknown
14. Riot Fight
15. Egg Raid On Mojo


1 comment:

The Great Melonoma said...

That's a good album. I've got the double 7" on clear limited press. Good to see I'm not the only that likes it!