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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Naked Aggression-EP Collection

Naked Aggression is an anarcho punk band from Madison, Wisconsin formed in late 1990. I've seen them on numerous occasions and they never fail to please. This is an EP Collection and it combines their numerous EP's which I don't feel like listing. They are one of the few bands with female vocals that I like...Not to be sexist, but for the most part, it's rare for me to hear a female vocalist compliment a band very well. Naked Aggression succeeds and the music and the vocals are tight...Enjoy!

Naked Aggression-EP Collection:

1. The Can't Get Me Down
2. Why Do They Fuck Up My World
3. Break The Walls
4. Angry
5. Censored Truth
6. Media
7. Right Now
8. Revolt
9. Walking Around
10. Ode To A Fucked Up World
11. Plastic World
12. Lies
13. Smash The State
14. Silent War
15. Mind Control
16. Stop The Hate
17. You're A Disgrace
18. Driving Down The Road
19. Religious Lies


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