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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Plugz-Complete Collection

The Plugz were a band formed in Los Angeles in 1978. Their music tended to comprise traditional punk rock mixed with certain elements Mexican music. An important band to say the least, they were featured on the soundtrack to the seminal punk rock movie "Repo Man", which featured Emilio Estevez masquerading as a punk rocker who steals cars. I like the Plugz, even though they are by far softer than most of what I'd choose to listen to. Enjoy!

The Plugz-Complete Collection:

1. Move
2. Mindless Contentment
3. Let Go
4. Achin'
5. La Bamba (7" version)
6. A Gain A Loss
7. The Cause
8. Electrify Me
9. Satisfied Die
10. La Bamba
11. Adolescent
12. Brain Time
13. Word Less
14. Let Go
15. Infection
16. Beserktown
17. Better Luck
18. Red Eye #9
19. Achin'
20. American
21. In The Wait
22. El Clavo Y La Cruz
23. Blue Sofa
24. Touch for Cash
25. Gas Line
26. Ceasar's Song
27. Shifting Heat



Tio Nickel said...

I like the Plugz, too. So thanks for posting this! Almost 2 years later and the link still works! This album is great, but it's not really complete...no "Hombre Secreto" or "Reel 10" from the Repo Man soundtrack, or "Hey Elizabeth" that the Plugz played on New Wave Theater. Still, it's pretty awesome, thanks!

justkenneth said...

The last song on the Better Luck album was "No Love". It came right after "Shifting Heart" which you've misspelled as Shifting Heat. Why wasn't it included on Complete Collection?