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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Broken Bones-Time For Anger, Not Justice

This is Broken Bones' most recent offering, "Time For Anger, Not Justice"...What makes Broken Bones' stand out from the others from their class (Discharge, Varukers, etc.) is Bones' unrelentingly chaotic guitar playing. He easily would hold his own with any metal guitarist. I am a huge Broken Bones fan, I try to see them every time they come to Southern California...I think I've seen them 5 times or so...Even once at The Trilogy Theatre in Victorville, where a grand total of 10 people showed up. It was a week or so after the British Invasion concert which took place in the same county and the Adicts show, which was supposed to be the night after British, was shut down before the show could happen...I guess people were afraid that this would of been shut down as well...Fucking people...It was a very enriching experience being inches away from Bones' as he went into the intro for "Decapitated"....As for the album itself...

In true Broken Bones' fashion, it is filled to the brim with blistering guitar and war pounding drums. It's one hell of a record. While, Broken Bones' material from the 80s is classic and a better representation of the band, the take here is still worthy of their aura. They even throw in rerecorded versions of "Fuck Off And Die" and "Decapitated" at the end...A must for any fan of UK82 or Broken Bones, enjoy!

Broken Bones-Time For Anger, Not Justice:

1. Advertisements from Hell
2. Plastic Gangster
3. G8
4. Schizo
5. Conspiracy?
6. War Is War
7. Systematic Abuse
8. Their Design
9. Object (Of My Hate)
10. Dead Inside
11. Thriller Killer
12. No-One Survives
13. Justify War
14. Fucked Up Today ("Fuck Off And Die")
15. Cop Today ("Decapitated")


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