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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Battalion Of Saints A.D.-Cuts

Battalion Of Saints is the first hardcore punk band I think about when I think about San Diego (the second is the almighty Shitgiveits). One thing about Battalion is that once you join the band, you are marked for death. They have lost numerous band members to drug overdoses and bizarre accidents over the years, but singer George Anthony, a drug abusing alcoholic and what not, has not passed and is in remarkably good health to this day...I remember booking a show with them for a punk fest at the Trilogy Theatre in Victorville and the PA went out when they were up (like 2am in the morning) and every motherfucker that was there that had endured the 12 hour show was on the stage singing every fucking word...It was great...

Here is "Cuts" and it's basically George Anthony and a bunch of new guys (for the 90s, don't know how many died)...One of those new guys is Terry Bones of Discharge, Broken Bones, and UK Subs fame and he brings a certain metallic flair to their music that wasn't present on "Death R Us" or anything else in Battalion's catalog. He is one fucking good musician. It has a certain early 80s UK82 sound that isn't seen very often in American hardcore...Anyways, enjoy!

Battalion Of Saints A.D.-Cuts:

1. My New Low
2. Do It Again
3. Freedom
4. I Don't Like You
5. Love
6. Stand Up
7. Protect And Serve
8. Biowarfare
9. Fun
10. Nowhere Going Faster
11. Faster Faster
12. Somewhere I Belong
13. Jack Shack


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